Scoop and Smile

Scoop and Smile is home to delicious freshly made Gelatos and crispy homemade waffle cones. We have tasty waffles and refreshing Gelato shakes as well. A range of desserts is coming soon

We also have a range of sorbet’s that are dairy free and gluten free and you can get our Gelato in a cup as well.

The reasons why launched "Scoop and Smile" in Ellerslie? We are locals who are Desserts and Gelato lovers and we wanted to make our local community smile.

Located right in the heart of Ellerslie, next to the fountain, whether you need a little snack come see us!

Ice Cream

Our Drinks

We have a selection of lots of different types of drinks, iced, hot, smoothies, you name it - we have it! Ask our friendly staff for a recommendation or look at our full display of the beautiful unique iced drinks!